day 10 – a song that makes you fall asleep

I’ve gone through a couple different phases when it comes to what happens when I sleep – and no I’m not talking about the weird ways I sleep or that time I sleepwalked at my parents’ house when I wasn’t wearing any pants.

I used to listen to music to help me sleep. And then I had to have silence. And now, I have to have white noise, like a fan in the corner of the room that is doing nothing to help my allergies but boy do I sleep like a baby – most of the time.

When I try to listen to music now at bedtime, I want to sing along. Or it starts making me think about something or someone and wouldn’t you know it, that’s how insomnia starts.

But if I had to choose one song in particular that – should I need to listen to music on my way to Dreamland – would do the trick? It’d be this one.

Day 10 – Song that makes you fall asleep.

“My Immortal,” by Evanescence. Maybe it’s the piano, maybe it’s her voice…it’s peaceful.

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