One year closer to 100.

Today’s my birthday. 27, which means I’m now THAT MUCH CLOSER to 30, which then means I’m even closer to 50. That reminds me, I need to take a break real quick for my osteoporosis meds and to put my AARP card in my wallet.

OK. So 27. Haven’t heard much about it – that’s good, I suppose, there’s nothing too out of the ordinary I can expect for this year (of course I said that last year then my appendix revolted). There’s no specific things you only get to do once you turn 27, none that I know of anyway.

I can’t really complain about Year 26. It treated me well and I’m hoping 27 takes a clue from its friend and does the same.

To ensure its continued awesomeness – so far, so good, people, and it’s been less than 24 hours – there are 7 things I want to accomplish before 28 rolls around. And these have nothing to do with that other list I’m supposed to be working on.

Why 7, you ask? Because it’s my lucky number. Seriously. Don’t believe me? Well, that’s a pretty silly thing not to believe and besides, have I ever lied to you? Also because in my old age my attention span is entirely too short to come up with many more.

In no particular order, this year I want to:

1. Give up sodas completely. I’m trying this right now and somewhat succeeding. Do you know how gross Cherry Coke tastes after you haven’t had it in a month? Then there’s the throat burning and the sexy burping that I tend to only do around my roommate because if I did it in front of a gentleman I was actually trying to impress, he’d probably run in fear. It’s not the caffeine – God knows I still need that to make it through the day, at least until America takes a clue from the Spaniards and institutes an afternoon siesta. Nah, it’s the fact that it’s just kinda gross when you think about it, especially if you’ve watched it be poured over your ailing car battery on the side of the road and it TAKES OFF THE GROSS STUFF. How does it not eat through your stomach?

2. Go to Waverly Hills. I ain’t afraid of no ghosts. And I’m pretty sure there’s one currently roaming around my apartment – but more about that another day. I’ve always wanted to go to Waverly and you have to book those tours ASAP because they fill up about 10 minutes after they’re opened. This year, I’m going. I just need someone who will hold my hand every once in a while.

3. Learn how to cook at least five new things. Currently, the only thing I can really cook is this dish a former roommate used to make called Poppyseed Chicken. I can only make it because it’s damn near impossible to screw up. Of course, so are quesadillas, but I managed to burn those into oblivion last time I tried that. I’m about as undomesticated as they come in that respect and it’s actually pretty sad. I’m envious of people who can just throw stuff together without directions or make things from scratch while I follow a recipe to the T and still manage to forget something.

4. Do something crafty. I’m kind of cheating with this one because I already have a plan in mind, I just have to make it happen. I have a big, empty wall behind my bed and it needs a little something. So rather than keep it that way until I move out or save up for some big art piece or something, I’m gonna make something. It will involve not a lot of money – hopefully – as well as my amazing photographic talent.

5. Conquer a fear. I’m going to London this summer. One thing the bff and I know we’re going to do for sure is take a ride on the London Eye – the GINORMOUS ferris wheel that overlooks the city. It’s huge. And glassed in. And the thought of it kind of terrifies me, because it’s so damn high! But I need to realize that when I’m in something enclosed that’s been proven safe waaaaaay too many feet off the ground, I need to check myself. There’s a 99-percent chance whatever it is won’t kill me. I think. That’s the only fear I can think of to try and get over. Because there’s no way in hell the clown thing’s going away. And submarines? HELL NO.

6. Mail a secret to Postsecret. Went to a Postsecret event recently and I know of at least one friend who’s actually sent one to the site. One of the things they allowed people to do at the event was to come up to a microphone and share their secret. I am in NO WAY that brave, but once I can figure out a way to design the postcard, it’s going in the mail. It was really cool to see those people share though. Very freeing.

7. Go camping with my friends. My family used to do the camping thing all the time when I was a kid. That’s right, I was an outdoor-sleepin’, fish-catchin’, s’more-cookin’ lil lady. And still would be, if anyone ever wanted to camp with me. I mean, I’m sure people do – I’m a delight – but it just hasn’t come up yet. I think a CKR camping trip would be hilarious, because as it was shown by our attempts at canoeing a couple years ago, we’re not exactly the most outdoor-savvy of people. But we know how to light a fire and there’d be plenty of beer and food. Going with the game night crew would be equally exciting and a lot easier to get organized, as we all live in the same city. And a couple of the boys in the group were in boy scouts, so there’s that.

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3 thoughts on “One year closer to 100.

  1. #1 is a great idea that I think you won’t regret it. Think you’re crazy for wanting to do #2. Love #3-will this turn into a cooking blog? 😉 Good luck with #4 and #5. Surprised you haven’t already done #6. And I’m down to do #7 with you. 🙂 Happy Birthday!

  2. Thanks for making me rethink that Cream Soda I brought for lunch today LAURA. Seriously though. I saw what it did to your car battery. And now I’m picturing my stomach….. ew ew ew ew ew

  3. I love the goals and I’d love to assist on the ghost tour and volunteer CKR for the camping trip. The thought alone of all of us camping makes me giggle … a lot.

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