Today, we turn 2

Two years.

If you’d have told me this day two years ago that I’d have a blog I’d keep up with – and that people would actually read – two years later, I’d have laughed at you.

I’ve started blogs before. One was in college and was lame and I didn’t write much and if I did it wasn’t anything fun to read.

I started one at my last job in an attempt to up the web interaction at the newspaper but that quickly fizzled when it was realized that with everything that needed to be done for the job already, adding a blog wouldn’t be the most productive idea.

Then, one night in 2009, I got bored. I wanted to fill the void of creative and feature-y writing I wasn’t able to do, the writing that was in my voice, not just the newspaper voice.

227 posts, 128 comments and more than 5,200 page views later, here we are. I can’t believe I’ve kept it up, but mostly, I can’t believe people read it and like it as much as they tell me they do. In the past year, more and more of my family and friends, including some I never expected to, have said “hey I like your blog” or tell me they read something and thought it was funny.

I’ve gotten comments saying my writing is “hilarious” and makes people “literally laugh out loud.” One of my cousins even got funny looks for laughing out loud in public while reading an entry, and just recently my mom cried from laughing too hard at a post.

It makes a girl feel good to hear those things and have that support. I love that several of my friends have blogs I’m now addicted to. I love that one of my friends – and possibly this blog’s number one fan – thinks this thing could be a book someday. I love that I can share my photos, my stories, my accomplishments and some of the ridiculously stupid things I do, hear, say, see or think with you. I try to keep it light and funny the most of the time, but when this thing takes a more serious turn – like when I write about missing my grandpa who passed away in 2008 or a vague post about how I’m so stressed I can’t see straight and therefore can’t blog about anything worthwhile – the support is still there.

I wouldn’t still be doing this if it wasn’t for you all and my hope is to continue sharing the good the bad and the mildly disgusting or awkward with you for as long as I can.

Thanks for reading, and happy birthday, little blog!

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