I’ve got stuff to do

So I’ve had this list – inspired by one of the bfs, and I’ve kinda sorta sucked at accomplishing much of anything on it.

I mean, I’ve crossed off a few things, but really, I need to get on it. Especially if I want to keep adding to it, which I plan to. But my goal is for this time next year to have a lot more of these marked off as done. Any you’d like to help with would be greatly appreciated!

• Ride in a hot air balloon.
• See the Red Sox play in Fenway Park.
• Get tickets to a concert within the first 10 rows.
• Read the Bible all the way through.
• Volunteer with an organization.

• Visit five countries I’ve never been to.
• Visit five states I’ve never been to.
• Buy a house.
Buy a car on my own.
• Swim with dolphins.
• Go to the Derby.
• Learn how to throw a football – the right way.
• Take a cooking class.
• Learn how to play golf.
• Take better care of myself, in every sense of the word.
• Make a considerable donation to a deserving organization.
• Go to a taping of either Ellen or Conan O’Brien.
• Get a tattoo.
Go tubing.
Go to a spa and get a full body massage.
• Play paintball.

• See a Broadway show. On Broadway.
• See a taping of Saturday Night Live.
• Be an extra in a movie.
• Start a book club.

• Host or attend one of those murder mystery parties.

• Try 20 new foods

• Buy one of those paintings done by an elephant.

• Stand in a celebrity’s footprints at Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood.
• Drink green beer.
• Learn how to juggle.
• Learn how to sew.
• Meet Stephen King and tell him he made me scared of clowns but I still think he’s an amazing writer.
• Have something I’ve written/photographed published in a major magazine – preferably Rolling Stone.
• Write a book.
• Try and become more of a morning person.
• Be conversational in another language and able to speak a third.
• Meet Robert Downey Jr.
• Go to the Olympics.
• Be a part of a flash mob.
• Learn CSS.
• Get a dog.

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2 thoughts on “I’ve got stuff to do

  1. There is a new show coming on Fox called “Mobbed”. It’s the behind the scenes of flash mobs. I feel like it might just be your ticket in. I want to do one too!

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