Top 10, take two

To kick off blog birthday week, my suggestions this week are a bit on the self-promotion side.

OK, they’re all the way on the self-promotion side. I can’t lie to you guys.

This week my blog turns two. Hopefully, unlike I’ve heard it is with kids, this two-year-old won’t have anything remotely close to terrible. But that’s really for you all to decide I guess.

Anyway. As I did last year around this time, I’ve compiled a list (and y’all know how I love me some lists) of ten of my favorite blog posts I’ve written this year. Last year I put them in order, but this year, for the sake of a little bit of chaos, they’ll be in no particular order.

If you’ve read ’em already, thanks. If you haven’t, well, now you’ve got something to do while you’re procrastinating on whatever else you should be doing right now.

So, for your reading – or re-reading – pleasure:

1. There was that time I gave you basically a day inside my brain, a.k.a. a hypochondriac’s brain.

2. CKR. If you don’t know what it means, you really don’t need to. But here’s a little peek at one of our weekends together.

3. What does your family do on holidays? ‘Cause mine talks about who would be king – or queen – when if we were royalty.

4. Oh hey. Did you hear about how I had appendicitis? Yeah. That was a blast.

5. One day me and my sisters are gonna have our own cooking show. Except for the fact that none of us can cook, it should be awesome.

6. I did a couple more of those things where I list the Texts From Last Night that sound like my friends. This one was probably the best so far.

7. In one weird poetry-writing mood I was in, I decided to write haikus about my favorite television channel.

8. I have read – and seen – Twilight. But that doesn’t mean I like it.

9. I live with a boy. He is my best friend. But we do not give each other compliments.

10. About a year ago, I got my first massage ever. During this massage, the masseuse kind of yelled at me and then told me afterwards that I wasn’t a virgin. Peaceful.

Happy reading!

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