Reunited and it feels so…weird?   

Let me start off by saying you could not pay me enough to go back to high school. It’s bad enough it’s still what’s featured in my stress dreams. Seriously if I’m stressed, I can count on having a dream about how something got messed up when I was going through high school and I really shouldn’t have graduated. Sometimes it’s college, but usually, I’m back at EHS.

And speaking of my high school…it’s fairly likely that if we have a 10-year reunion (which would be next year oh my God I am old) I probably won’t go. Not interested.

That said, I don’t regret much of anything from my time there – except a couple choices of crushes, one of which made me millions of times more miserable than I should ever have let him. And I made some great friends that I’ve managed to keep in touch with.

You see, in high school there was a big group of us, three (sometimes four and as many as six) guys and four girls. That number was always fluctuating because of break-ups and drama and a horrible senior year Spring Break trip to Destin that is a week of mine and Jennifer’s lives that we can’t get back.  But for the most part, our little group stayed intact throughout all four years.

Then there was college. We all went our separate ways, and through the magic of social media and occasional road trips and coming home during the holidays, some of us saw each other.

Correction. A few of us saw each other. I’ve seen almost all of the members of that lil’ group in the past three years. Which is why I’ve apparently earned the nickname of “The Hub.” Because I still keep in touch with people and know what’s going on with them and that’s how I’ve always been. Mostly on account of I’m nosy.

Anyway. Last night, for the first time since 2002ish, four of us got together to catch up. And we made sure we went somewhere that offered adult beverages because there was a significant chance things could be awkward.

Long story short(er), we’ve all changed, but yet we haven’t. We still know entirely too much about each other. We still joke on each other and remember (most of) the craziness. But we apparently needed some sort of closure, because really, we all just kind of stopped hanging out. And none of us really knows why. We’re all grown up, kind of, and can realize that high school was high school and we had a good thing (for the most part). Oh. And one of us – he knows who he is – is still awkward. But we still love him, ’cause if he was any different he wouldn’t be him. (Shout out! I was surprised when you said you read this!)

So yeah. It was good to catch up and I hope we do it again.

And I’m also really glad I’m not in high school anymore.

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