Just Dance…even if you have little to no rhythm

In the days I like to now refer to as PA – or pre-appendicitis – I broke down and bought a Wii, envisioning hours of interactive video-gaming and a fun way to exercise. Then, that unnecessary organ became the size of a softball and all I can do is the archery thing on Wii Sports Resort until further notice.

And I’m gonna stop talking about appendicitis. At least very often. But obviously I was traumatized. Ha.

Anyway. I bought a Wii. And I bought a game to go with it. It’s called Just Dance and if you haven’t played it or watched people play it you are missing out on a good ab workout. On account of it’s hilarious.

The first time we played it was at my aunt and uncle’s house, where my dad and Uncle Tony (essentially the same brain split into two different bodies) danced a romantic-ish Bollywood number that had every single one of the rest of us crying from laughing so hard. Other lessons learned that night: Anna is a really good dance partner because she makes eye contact a lot and just when you think you’re done with the dance they expect you to lift your leg over your head. Why The Face.

Since it’s purchase it has been played at an impromptu smallish game/cousin night where we found out dancing to Rockafeller Skank is WAY harder than you think it’s going to be. And even the most impressive of dancers will look like a complete weirdo dancing to “Viva Las Vegas.”

Case in point:

It’s my hope that as soon as I’m all healed up or whatever – meaning I can go a day without abdominal pain – you better believe I’m gonna be playing that every day. Get ready, downstairs neighbors at the apartment.

And it’ll totally help if I ever get into a dance-off at the club/bar. Because those happen. True story. Saw one last weekend. The guy got SERVED.

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