And then it got quiet

I know what you’re thinking.

“OH she has all this time to write and gets us used to reading something every day and then goes and heals from surgery and we never hear from her again.”

No? Not thinking that?

OK. Well. I haven’t written in a week, yes, on account of rejoining the real world after two weeks of acting like a sloth – the animal, not the deadly sin, because it was totally not by choice – is some hard stuff.

Did you know that in the real world you can’t take two naps a day? And people don’t bring you food anymore? And you have to wait until you’re like, waiting in the waiting room at the doctors office to get any Angry Birds playing done.

Have I mentioned though that I’m beyond happy to be back among the living? Seriously. Don’t misinterpret what I said back there.

In other news, I’m pretty sure they made my belly button bigger and I’ve learned that you don’t lift heavy things – including chubby 10-month-olds no matter how cute they may be – until you’re about a month recovered. ‘Cause you’ll pay. And it won’t even be worth it ’cause the kid will just cry the majority of the time.

Oh and even if you sit out on the bowling that your friends are doing, just people-watching at a bar will make you dog-tired.

Maybe I was so tired because I saw things I couldn’t un-see. Like girls that get dressed to go out but don’t look at themselves before they do. Or they don’t have friends that are nice enough to say “Hey, listen, you might want to change ’cause that dress is 8 sizes too small. Also, I can see your business when you dance to Lady Gaga. And every other song. And when you walk up stairs.” Ladies. Has Britney taught you nothing?

So yeah. Get ready for more content. Like some awesome amazing kick-ass special stuff, because rumor has it some website is approaching its second birthday… (I’ll give you a hint, the girl who writes it, her name starts with L and ends with aura. Good luck figuring it out.) … and birthdays always mean good things.

And to answer your question, yes. We will always accept birthday presents.

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