How you know your parents have embraced new technology

So you’ve heard of the guy who got famous on Twitter for just tweeting things his elderly-ish father said, right? It’s called shitmydadsays and they just started a show with the same name, starring William Shatner.

Fun fact: The Shat (which may or may not be the past tense of shit, anyway) owns property up near where I worked for my first job out of college. Apparently he’s seen at the winery there all the time. Of course, I move away, the place gets interesting.. JK, friends I still have there…

Anyway, my dad’s a fan of the show. And I bought him the book for Christmas, which he liked. And he’d probably follow him on Twitter, if he could figure Twitter out and start an account.

But that’s where Rachel comes in.

The parents read – and appreciate, most of the time – what goes on here at on-account-of and that, combined with his new favorite show, has made my dad decide it could happen to him.

What, you ask? Fame. From saying funny things. But he doesn’t want to put the work into it. He wants Rachel to start a blog, or a Twitter feed, wherein she writes down all the funny stuff he says. Correction – the stuff he thinks is funny that he says.

Now, I’ll give it to him – my dad can be pretty funny. But it’s often when he’s not trying to be. But at the moment, he’ll say something, allegedly, and point to Rachel and say “Put that on my blog.”

Maybe someday, someone will play him in a TV show, but for now, I think he’s gonna have to settle for a few mentions over here.

Like the time recently, when, not trying to be funny, he said someone who annoys him was “all up in (his) grill the other day.”

Yeah. Used it in context. The correct way. He knows what’s up. He used to listen to Nelly.

And who knows, maybe someday he’ll have his own blog.

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