Beer pong for kids?

So in perusing – hey, vocab word – this week’s Target ad I saw something interesting.

I guess I should be more specific. Because if you know me, at all, you know that I can always find something interesting in the Target ad from the Sunday paper. I have what I call a “Target addiction.” As in, I go into Target to buy one small thing and come out $100 poorer. Just ask my mom. We went shopping for Christmas decorations once and I didn’t intend to buy much. I spent $125.

Anyways. Since Christmas is so dang close – which reminds me I’ve got shopping to finish – they’ve got all their toys and games on sale. One in particular caught my eye because I can’t believe they’re really selling it.

It’s called Cuponk and in addition for making you pay for what you likely already have lying around your house, it’s kind of a ridiculous game to sell or buy. Allegedly, there are all these tricks you’re supposed to do to get the ball in the cup. But I’m sorry, all I see is beer pong. For children. The only thing the rules are missing is the sentence “You must drink the entire contents of any cup your opponent sinks a ball in.”

I realize there’s only one cup. AND IT LIGHTS UP, can you believe it? But seriously. Why waste the money? Buy some ping pong balls and a plastic cup and you have this game. Without the lights. Or the beer.

Maybe because I’m still at the age where people play beer pong at parties or maybe because once upon a time I was kind of awesome at it – still am, depending on the day – but there are some eerie similarities.

Moral of the story, don’t buy this game. It’s a waste of money – in my opinion – and your kids should wait to learn how to play until they’re at least in college. And…21…

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