When surfing the Internets

This week’s suggestions are for if you want some ideas for Christmas shopping, or stuff to read in between visiting sites to do your Christmas shopping.

They’re either sites I’ve bookmarked or sites suggested to me by friends or family. The shopping ones are cool if you have some one you have no idea what to buy for. The others will just make you laugh – hopefully – amid the shopping stress.


1. Claudia’s Room If you ever read a Babysitter’s Club book, you will LYAO at this site, where a girl about my age re-reads all the books and provides hilarious commentary on it

2. Autocorrect hilarity Have an iPhone? Or another phone that auto-corrects? Because if you do you know the pain. This happens to me a lot but most recently when I was trying to tell someone what’s in burgoo. Instead of “other things” I said “other thongs.” Yeah…

3. Amazon If you haven’t shopped on this site you’re crazy. Stuff is cheap and this site is responsible for the majority of my book and movie collection.

4. Uncommon Goods For Christmas a couple years ago my aunt bought us some stuff from this site. I have a bag that’s made out of laminated newspaper. Cool, weird stuff. For cheap.

5. Perpetual Kid Roommate told me about this and it’s my new favorite thing. I really need to find someone to buy for off this site. Too funny not to.

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