Ignoring things works, who knew?

Maybe it’s the body wash I use. Or the fact that the detergent I wash my clothes in is allergen-free. Or maybe, it’s because I just pretend it’s not there. Whatever the reason, my usually full-blown glorious winter-time eczema is not nearly as bad as it’s been before.

I’m pretty sure the ignoring thing’s working. See, here’s the thing. Every year, about the time the weather starts going from “oh isn’t that pleasant” to “I’m moving to the beach” my arms start to sense it. To fit in with the season, they turn a Christmas color – red.

I know it’s eczema. I’ve had it my whole life. However, it’s not been as attention-seeking in earlier years like it has these past few. For at least two months straight, my life is a constant mess of making sure I have enough long-sleeve shirts to wear in public so no one can see the dry skin and ask if I’m diseased. Oh and then there’s the making sure I don’t scratch.

Remember that FRIENDS episode where Phoebe has chicken pox? And they duct tape oven mitts to her hands so the can’t scratch? Yeah. I’d do that, but we don’t have duct tape or oven mitts in this apartment. We aren’t that domesticated.

For the past few weeks though – knock on wood – it hasn’t looked or felt all that bad. And I really think it’s because I’m pretending it’s not there. If I don’t think about it or look at it, it doesn’t itch.

This also worked when I had self-diagnosed bronchitis a few weeks ago. No doctor, no Z-pack, just a lot of coughing, resting and ignoring it and it went away.

Which reminds me, my arms are starting to itch a little so I better shut up.

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