Take a look, it’s in a book

A few months ago, I went to Half-Price Books (best bookstore in the world, if you ask me) and spent about $50 buying a huge stack of books. On account of I LOVE TO READ.

So this week’s suggestions are authors I think you should check out. It’ll be worth it, I promise. Have I ever steered you wrong?

Don’t answer that.

Authors to add to your list:
1. Christopher Moore.
He has a very unique writing style and I’ve only liked about half of his books, but they ones I like are great. For example, “Lamb.” It’s the story of Jesus from age 3 to 30 told by his fictional best friend Biff, because there’s really nothing in the Bible about that time in his life. I was told about it by the seminary intern at my church and I have since recommended it to several people. It’s funny, it’s sweet, it’s worth a read. If not, buy one of his vampire books, they’re pretty great too.

2. David Sedaris.
Have a sense of humor? Because all his writing is funny. It’s short memoirs and they’re about some of the most random things. He’s the first writer who has made me laugh out loud while reading his stuff. “Me Talk Pretty One Day” is, in my opinion, his best one, but really, they’re all great.

3. Stephen King.
Duh. If you haven’t read at least one of his books, you should. They’re not all scary. “The Green Mile” is a good one to start with. Or “Eyes of the Dragon.” But don’t read “IT.” Because clowns are the devil.

4. Celebrities that have written memoirs.
I have books by Tori Spelling (don’t judge) and Kristen Chenoweth. On my Amazon wish list that’s currently loaded with books and seasons of TV on DVD, I have books written by a few other famous people. I’m not gonna tell you who, because I’ve already severely diminished my cool factor by telling you I have Tori Spelling’s book. But I promise it’s an interesting read.

5. Jeff Lindsay.
One of the best shows, um, ever, is Dexter. And the books are just as awesome. I’ve only read the first two but the rest are on my list. And if they’re anything like the past few seasons have been, I will love them too.

So there ya go – GET TO READING!

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