Trust me, I’m a blogger.

Tonight marks the first in a new segment we here at onaccountof are calling “Sunday Night Suggestions.”

What does that mean, you ask? Well, hold on a dang minute and I’ll tell you. Geez.

From now on, each Sunday night, I will give you a list (don’t act like you’re surprised that I’m making a list) of five things. Sometimes it will be music, sometimes it will be blogs/blog posts, sometimes it will be things I’m looking forward to during the week I think you should take part in as well. Basically, I think I am qualified to suggest these things to you. On account of this is my blog.

So. Here we go. First-ever Sunday Night Suggestions. Don’t call it first annual because that’s not a real expression. Kind of like when people say “that’s a good ideal.” Just shhh.

This week’s suggestions: Music.

Here are the five songs I’ve had on repeat all weekend and I expect to get me through the work week. Thanks, iPhone!

1. Grenade, Bruno Mars. I don’t know what it is about this guy, but I like him.

2. Teenage Dream, Glee soundtrack. OMG OMG OMG OMG. Acapella. Amazing.

3. One Love, Glee soundtrack. Yes, none can top the original. And Jason Mraz does a damn good cover too. But this one has my heart for the moment. Partially because Artie sings half the song. And I love him.

4. Machine Gun, Sara Bareilles. Title sounds violent, song sounds awesome. Saw this lady in concert a week ago. She’s fantastic. I want to be her. Or at least her best friend.

5. You and Me, Holly Conlan. She opened for Sara Bareilles at the concert. You will like her if you like the following: songs that make you want to hug people, songs that belong on a Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack, GOOD MUSIC.

Thanks for your time. Now, get to downloading.

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