Two-week hiatus

This is me addressing the fact that I wrote NOTHING for you fine people to read for two – count ’em, two – whole weeks. I’m sure you were losing your minds with wonder and worry as to what could be keeping me from entertaining you.

You weren’t? OK then. Good. I don’t feel so bad.

But I’ll still tell you what I was doing. Because that’s what blogs are for.

During my accidental self-imposed hiatus from blogging I:
• Went to Bowling Green and spent the second weekend in as many months with all my college bfs. Good times, as per usual.
• Didn’t dress up for Halloween. I know, I know, how dare I, right? But in my defense I was/am poor and uncreative when it comes to that, not to mention I’m pretty sure all costume ideas were blocked until Nov. 1, because I’ve thought of about 40 things I could have dressed up as since.
• Interviewed. More on that some other day.
• Cleaned my room.
• Played charades.
• Watched a lot of movies.
• Seriously caught up on sleep.
• Got bronchitis.

And honestly, I didn’t have much to write about. But never fear, because I’m back.

Get excited. I dare you.

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