When bad auto-correct happens to good people

This weekend I’m spending some time with family and being Southern. And by that I mean, we’re eating a stew with about five different animals in it, shooting shotguns and riding ATVs. And loving every minute of it.

However, I was explaining said plans to someone yesterday via text and he didn’t know what Burgoo was (the animal/veggie stew). So, I explained it. I said it’s meat and vegetables. When he asked what kind of meat, I said: “Deer, turtle, rabbit and other thongs.”

Yep. Thongs.

Because apparently more people at Apple type that in texts than they type “things.” I typed “things” but it corrected me. Which made for an interesting response back from the boy I texted it to.

“Thongs? Really? Wouldn’t they be hard to chew?”

Ah, the iPhone. Correcting you, even when you don’t need it to.

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