I’m still here

Oh hey, remember when I had a blog? I do…I promise. And I would have been writing in it all this time, but, see, I’m a writer.

Doesn’t make any sense? OK. Well. Because I am a writer, that’s how I get my feelings out the best. And considering my feelings as of late, writing about them wouldn’t have been the best idea. I’ve been stressed and needed some time to breathe, really.

Why, you ask? Oh I don’t know. BUSY. In addition to my full-time, 40-hour a week job, I also have two freelance gigs – one of which just got a whole lot heavier but there’s more money involved so why not – I volunteer Wednesday mornings to babysit at church. I’m on the nursery schedule at church and a nominating committee and I’m still helping out Sunday nights as a youth leader for our youth group. Oh and it’s wedding season and there’s all that Forensic Files I need to watch.

But seriously. A lot’s going on and I’m not complaining, promise. I wouldn’t be doing a bit of any of it if I didn’t want to. It’s just a lot. And I’m all about organizing and planning and time managing. That’s what planners are for.

I’ve dealt with the being stressed and stuff. In the way you’re ‘sposed to, ya know? I watched a lot of Jersey Shore, which helps. And so does pretending to be Rachel Berry when I sing the Glee version of “Somebody to Love” as loud as possible in my car.

But it’s calmed down. And this is me letting you know I’m back. And I remembered I have a blog. And it’s gonna be full of exciting and fun stuff for you to read from now on – just like before, remember?

Like later this week when I post the third installment of the Texts from Last Night that sound like my friends – read the first two here and here – and I promise that unlike the third in the series of Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars and Back to the Future, it’ll be just as good as the first two.

Oh and also later this week – a belated birthday note to my momma and some other cool stuff. So keep checking back. It’ll be worth it.

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