Movies that may cause me to never want to leave the house for a hundred

I’m on my second of three movies at the theater this week. Sunday, Inception. Tonight, Salt. Tomorrow, Despicable Me. So far, both movies I’ve seen were awesome. However, the previews have run the gamut from “I NEED TO SEE THAT” to “Well. That’ll make me need to sleep with the lights on for a month..”

So far, here’s the previews I’ve seen since Sunday. The first ones I’ll share with you are the ones that may potentially scare the living crap out of me and if I am to see them, you guys are gonna have to come with me and hold my hands and then rub my head afterward and remind me it was just a movie and I don’t need to go sleep at my parents’ house for the next week.

Oh and the roommate just told me to watch this.

Then there were these previews, ones that look pretty awesome or interesting and probably won’t give me bad dreams. Especially these first two.

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