Progress report

I tell you enough about that list I made a year ago – the one with all the stuff I want to do at some point in my life, preferably before I’m 30. Why 30? Why not?

So instead of telling you what I want to do, here’s an updated version, complete with stuff I’ve already done that if you haven’t already, you can totally read about. Get excited.

• Ride in a hot air balloon – This is still on the list only because it’s so damn expensive! Also, you may or may not have to be in love to take a hot air balloon ride, on account of every site I looked at when you bought the package for two people (no way I’m doing it alone, someone’s holding my hand, fear of heights, remember?) you get champagne at the end. Romantic, eh?

• Learn how to play guitar – First I need to get/borrow a guitar

• See the Red Sox play in Fenway Park – I’ve got an aunt and uncle who live near Boston who keep inviting me up. And may know someone else living there in the next couple years. It’s getting possible.

• Get tickets to a concert close enough to the stage I could catch something if they threw it.

• Read the Bible all the way through – Still in Genesis. Gonna work on it.

Volunteer with an organization.
 Babysitting every Wednesday morning for kids who speak a different language. Check back for some stories about that soon.

• Go to Europe – specifically Ireland, Greece, Italy…

• Visit a state I’ve never been to – California, Louisiana, Maine..

• Send an application to Rolling Stone or Entertainment Weekly about a job.
 – Will be doing soon. Just to see what happens.

• Buy a house.

• Buy a car on my own.

• Swim with dolphins.

• Go to the Derby.

• Learn how to throw a football – the right way. No I don’t have pictures.

• Take a cooking class.

• Learn how to play golf. – Waiting for someone with the patience to take me/teach me.

• RUN a 5K. 

• Make a donation ($50 at least, more if possible) to a deserving organization. – Haven’t done this yet, but I have been giving a semi-regular offering at church, which I’ve never done before. 

• Go to a taping of either Ellen or Conan O’Brien.

• Get a tattoo. – I know what it will be and where. Now for the when….

• Go tubing.

• Go to a spa and get a full body massage.

• Play paintball.

• See a Dane Cook show.
 Haven’t done it but I no longer care if it happens.

• See a Broadway show.

• See a taping of Saturday Night Live.

• Be an extra in a movie.

• Start a book club.

• Visit Australia.

• Host or attend one of those murder mystery parties.

• Try a few new foods

1.Three new types of sushi.

• Buy one of those paintings done by an elephant.

• Stand in a celebrity’s footprints at Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

• Drink green beer.

• Meet Robert Downey Jr.

So see, I’ve checked a few things off. And hopefully, by the end of the year, it’ll be even shorter than that. Still looking for help with a few of ’em, if anyone’s interested..

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One thought on “Progress report

  1. I’ll be helping you with the Red Sox one I hope!!!!!!! Woot! Wish I could help with the meeting of Robert Downey Jr. I also love your progress on reading the bible. Still in Genisis?!?!? I’ll sum it up for you- God creates Earth and some animals get on a ship. (That happens in Genesis, right?) hahahaha! You got a loooooong way to go girl…..

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