NERD ALERT: Like Trekkies, only much cooler

What’d you do Sunday night? ‘Cause at my apartment, there were about 20 people sitting in silence for 2 and a half hours – except during commercials – dressed as characters we’d come to love during the past six years. Oh. And there were some kick-ass decorations. And way too much food.

LOST ended on Sunday night. Forever. After six seasons and lots of tears and frustration and “WTF? SERIOUSLY?” and waaaaay too much waiting, between seasons, episodes – it’s over. And I’m sad.

I’ve been addicted to no other show like I was to LOST. It’s the only show I’ve ever seen the series finale of, as it happened, except for FRIENDS. When we found out when the end would be, my roommate and I knew immediately we had to have a party – to celebrate the show, how much we and our friends loved it, and as a way to say goodbye to this addiction we’d all had for so long.

We about bought out the Dollar Store in terms of decorations. And we ordered a few things off the Internet to make it more authentic – like Dharma labels, shirts with stuff from the show, M&Ms with words, numbers and quotes from the show and Oceanic labels for our suitcases. We invited people we knew loved the show as much as we did and to our surprise, pretty much everyone who showed up was dressed as a character.

We also had a Dharma recruit (Mom) and the guy who kinda watched the show only because everyone else in his family did but really only knows there was a polar bear at some point and thinks the writers must be on meth (Dad).

It was so much fun and I loved having so many friends and family there with me to experience the end of the show. It’s not something I could have watched by myself and I couldn’t have picked better people to watch it with.

I’ll find some new shows, of course, but they won’t be anything like LOST. And that’s just fine with me.

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