I wouldn’t exactly call it a break…

Hey remember when I used to write this blog? Yeah…about that. I haven’t written in a week, but I have good reasons, so don’t hate.

I’ve had a bunch of ideas for posts in the past week, but no time to write them. On account of my job. And my life. And sleep deprivation.

Let me explain. I work at a newspaper, ya know? And on Election Day, we do the exact opposite of pretty much everyone else. Instead of a nice relaxing middle-of-the-week day off work where the only thing that needs to get done is vote, we reporters/editors/photographers/etc. only have one thing to do too – make a frigging newspaper.

Oh, and we can’t finish it until we know all the totals from all the polls – which makes for a late, late, late night, coupled with the fact that, um, LOST is on Tuesday nights, and you know I can’t wait a day to watch it, TiVo or not.

In addition to election craziness, I also had something every single night last week. Seriously. EVERY ONE OF THEM. Not that I’m complaining – because Thursday involved seeing “Wicked” which is my new favorite musical EVER (more on that later this week). And Saturday I slept, for all the hours I didn’t sleep the week before. Oh, and there was that Grey’s Anatomy finale that needed watching too – and may have caused me to need extensive therapy to recover, it was that intense. Don’t judge my TV habits. It’s all I have. Not really, but I appreciate the arts, in all its forms – books, movies, TV, theater, Demolition Derbies…you know. And as much as I love this blog and I love to write and I want to share all these stories with you guys, when you type and stare at a computer all day, lying in bed watching Forensic Files and buying out the Dollar Store for the LOST party seems a lot more relaxing, believe it or not.

Also. I have this freelance gig – the first of hopefully many – that took up a considerable amount of my time, which is fine because, hey, I like money.

So basically, I’m sorry I’ve given you nothing new to read this past week – even though by the looks of my stats I at least get one visit a day from whoever searches for “Festivus.” True story – most hits of any post. And it doesn’t even say that much.

But here are some things for you to look forward to. Come back later this week and read about things like the awesome party we had for the LOST series finale, why I hate Twilight, my pitch for a new Food Network show starring my family and the career I started thinking about thanks to “Wicked,” as well as why I can’t stop listening to the same four songs on my iPod on repeat.

Good stuff, I promise you. And I’ll be back on schedule from now on, scout’s honor. Keep reading, please?

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