The day of mothers

This is a column I wrote for this week’s edition of the paper where I work. It was a part of a feature where staff members and their mothers wrote columns that ran side-by-side in the paper. I’ll post my mom’s column tomorrow.

There are some things I need to learn before I become a mom, which is good because I’ve got some time – it’s not something that’s happening any time in the near future.

First, I need to learn to sew. ‘Cause if I don’t and my kids rip their clothes or want some fancy homemade Halloween costume, I’m going to either say “Um, let’s go ask Grandma” or “Let’s go to the store instead.”

Secondly, I need to learn how to be right all the time. Once upon a time, I thought I already was – see:every fight I had with my parents in high school – but I’ve learned since that I’m definitely not. Plus, I don’t know about anyone else’s mom, but mine is so right about stuff ALL THE TIME, it’s almost scary.

For example, one time, in college, I went back from a weekend at home but forgot to bring back gloves. I noticed it when I was almost back to school and when my mom asked if I wanted her to send them to me, I said, “nah, I’ll just get ’em next time I come home. I won’t need them for anything.” She said, “I think you will..but OK…” Sure enough, the next day, it snowed. Three inches. My hands froze. And then I had to call her and say “I should’ve brought my gloves.”

Third, before I have kids, I have to learn everything about everything, or at least sound like I have. I’m not entirely sure how to do that – maybe I’ll just read a new encyclopedia, Wikipedia or some other kind of -pedia every day until I have a kid. I say this, because I really can’t remember a time when I’ve asked my mom a question she didn’t have the answer to, whether she really knew it or not.

I mean, I’ve got the basics down, I think. I have about 14 or 15 years’ experience baby-sitting and helping take care of younger sisters and cousins. I wake up at the drop of a hat and have a harder time sleeping when I know my roommate will be home late – whereas I used to be able to sleep through thunderstorms.

And I work with teenagers at my church, so I’m already kind of used to hearing my name a million times a day when I’m on trips with them and answering questions like, “What time do we get there? When are we going to eat? Can we keep this?”

I think I’ll be a good mom. People have told me so before. And I have a good example to work with. Not everyone can say that, I realize, and for that I feel blessed. I know people who don’t have a good relationship with their mothers or their mothers are no longer with us. I am lucky to have the mom that I do and the relationship we have is one I wouldn’t trade for anything.

She’s always supported and encouraged me. She’s been there for me through some of the hardest and most stressful times in my life. She knows me better than anyone, which means if I call her and my voice sounds the slightest bit different she knows that I’m sad or mad and I won’t be getting off the phone without explaining myself.

A few years ago for Mother’s Day I bought a shirt that said “I love Mom.” It was the best $5 I ever spent. I wear it every year now and joke with her that it’s her present. But I do love her, of course. She’s done so much for my sisters and I and not that I’m biased or anything, but I’d say she and my dad did a pretty awesome job raising us.

Though all the homemade stuff throughout the years, the breakfasts in bed, the $5 Old Navy shirt and all the cards in the world wouldn’t pay her back for all she’s given us, we still make sure we celebrate the day and let her know how much she’s loved and appreciated. People already tell me how much we look and sound and act alike, I only hope that when I do become a mom, I can be one that’s just like her.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

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2 thoughts on “The day of mothers

  1. Nice article Laura. We moms always love when we feel we’ve done our job.
    Being a mom is the hardest but easiest job I have ever done and the most rewarding. Your parents have done an awesome job raising three wonderful daughters.

  2. Great article! I’ll let you on a little secret- you can’t get the knowing everything part from wikipedia, it is just something that happens once you give birth. Weird but true.

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