Play photos, Act I

Remember when I told you how I learned to take pictures of things in motion? Well, now, I can take pictures of things when the lighting is horrible. And they turn out well! Who knew?

Everything I’ve learned about photography I’ve basically taught myself. Yes, I took a photo class in college, but that was kind of a waste because I got bad grades on all my assignments – which is bull because that picture of the egg on the floor of my dorm room is AMAZING, my sister has it framed and hanging in her room. B- my ass.

Anyways. In the past four years I’ve been working at a weekly paper, I’ve had to take my own pictures – which they don’t tell you in school because they figure you’ll work at a daily where people are hired JUST AS PHOTOGRAPHERS. Don’t get me wrong, I like taking pictures. A lot. I’m glad I get to do different things besides writing all the time because it keeps things changing and keeps them fun. I just wasn’t prepared to be a photographer when I started my first job out of college. And if you look at my pictures from that first year or so at that paper, you’d be like, “UM, YOU WERE RIGHT, YOU SUCKED.”

I’m 99 percent convinced that photography is mostly about luck. A co-worker (who is awesome at photography) told me once if you were seeing it and your eye wasn’t behind the lens, you were missing it. Watch stuff through the lens and get to shooting. The rest of the photography process is based on focus, lighting, your subject and whether or not you have shaky hands, which effects the whole focus thing.

In the past couple years, since I’ve been at a job where people actually take awesome pictures and could help me out a little bit, I’ve learned a lot. My co-workers have helped me out with settings and f-stops and ISOs and all that stuff I should have retained from Basic Photo, but didn’t. And with lots of practice and covering several different types of events, I’ve gotten better, I think. Hell, I even won a couple photo awards. So, chew on that, photo teacher that gave me a C.

This past weekend I shot photos of a play at a local high school. I got some good shots, I think. So many, in fact that I’m gonna show you some now, and show you some later. ENJOY!

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