One name, like Britney. Or Liza. Or Snoop.

On very rare occasions while driving, I’ll change radio stations. In doing so, I leave my favorite local station, 100.5 – which plays music from my childhood-high school years and STEP BY STEP, OOH BABY. GONNA GET TO YOU G-I-I-I-I-R-R-R-LLL. The station I usually choose is 98.9 because those DJs on 99.7 make my brain hurt and my eyes go crossed because they’re so ANNOYING.

SIDENOTE: Wanna think I’m weirder than you already do? Well. When I was a kid, I used to shout to my mom from the back seat of the car that I was crossing my eyes! What a threat, right? I was the loser in that situation, because in addition to telling people I was crossing my eyes, I also begged them not to hit me on the back while they were crossed or else they’d get stuck that way. FREAK, I TELL YOU.

Anyways. I don’t stay on the other radio station for long, because after I’ve heard the fourth Taylor Swift/Lady Gaga song in as many minutes, I remember why I should’ve taken the station off of my list. Lately, the trifecta of annoying-ness and overplayed-ness on that station is complete with the emergence of Ke$ha. Pronounced Kehhshha, because when the dollar sign is in words thats how it sounds. I wi$h (wehhhshh) I wa$ (wuuhhhhshhh) that cool.

So when I got home, I decided to try out my possible names for when I become a famous journalist or Robert Downey Jr.’s personal assistant or Justin Timberlake’s girlfriend and am known only by one name BECAUSE I’M THAT AWESOME.

With my name, there’s not too much to do to change it up – there’s not a lot that really looks like the letters in my name. That said, here’s what I’ve got.


Not really a fan of this one because the only letters you can really comprehend are Lur. And I don’t want to be known as LUR. Or LATURAT. That would severly compromise my image, having the word rat as part of my name. L, U, and R, are also in the word “hurl,” which I also don’t want associated with my name.


This is the one I’ll probably go with, you know, when the fame comes. It’s basically the same but looks cooler, on account of the symbol. And it’d probably be more fun to write – but harder for autographs. Hmm. May go back to the drawing board someday, but for now, this one can stick.

Look out, world.

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