I wonder if his friends call him Huggy Bear

Sometimes I see blogs like People of Walmart or People of the Park and think “Why couldn’t I come up with something like that?” I mean, I like people-watching as much as the next person and it’d be awesome to get paid just for leaving the house and seeing what the crazies and weirdos are up to. And write about it.

Case in point, today at Half Price Books.

I went to the bookstore to try and see what I could find to add to my shrinking stack of books I need to read. While I was there, I saw this guy – had to be somewhere around my age – walking around talking loudly on his cell phone. When I got to the front, he’d gotten off the phone. Before I tell you anymore, let me paint a picture for you. Like I said, he’s about my age. Bigger, football-player sized, white guy, wearing a Sapp jersey and baggy pants. He had a neck tattoo and since he was not looking at any books, just kind of walking around the store, I started wondering why he was in there.

Cut to the front of the store, where I see as I walk out the loud gentleman in the football jersey sitting at one of the front tables. What is he doing? Coloring a picture of a teddy bear. I kid you not.

Wouldn’t have been too ridiculous – oh who am I kidding IT TOTALLY WAS – if not for the fact that while in the middle of coloring, his phone rang, yet again. And instead of carrying on yet another conversation loud enough for the whole place to hear, he instead yelled at the person who called him. He said, “I can’t talk to you right now. I’m BUSY!” To which he was apparently called a bitch, because he threatened the person on the phone to “call me a bitch again and see what happens.”

And with that, he hung up the phone and went back to coloring.

Because a teddy bear picture is not going to color itself. Thank God we have tough men like him to make sure these things get done.

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