More cleaning than springing

I’ve not really done the whole “Spring Cleaning” thing before. I mean, I’ve thrown stuff out and I’ve usually done it when the weather’s warm, because, let’s face it, who wants to leave the house when it’s cold, let alone trudge all the way to the dumpster? By the way, it’s still cold. Didn’t spring start Saturday? Why The Face?

Lately, I’ve been realizing I need to get rid of some stuff. Mainly, because I don’t need a piece of paper from every single class I ever took or that school picture that one cute boy in high school gave me and drew a heart on the back of (shut up, it’s in the trash now). Also, because the memories are more important than the material stuff – LOOK AT ME GETTIN’ ALL SAPPY AN’ SHIZ – and oh, because I have a LOT of JUNK.

So. Tonight. At about 10 p.m. (because isn’t that when all cleaning gets done and also why am I using so many parentheses, quotes and dashes in this post?) I decided the beast that is my walk-in closet (jealous?) needed to be tamed.

And here I am, 2.5 hours later, with 3.5 trash bags worth of stuff hauled out of that thing I call a closet. AND IT’S STILL PACKED. Why do I have all this stuff? Why haven’t I thrown it away by now? At least now, though, I can get to my dresser. And suitcases. And that stuffed elephant that I brought with me on every trip I ever took during high school and college.

Oh. And I found that electric bill from my apartment in Owenton from 2007. I WAS WONDERING WHERE THAT WAS.

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One thought on “More cleaning than springing

  1. 1) You’re sounding like a candidate for HOARDERs. Get ‘er done.
    2) There’s nothing—NOTHING—wrong when people use excessive dashes (but parentheses are another story)!
    3) I’m surprised your apartment in Owenton had electricity!?! 😉

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