The sun’ll come out, tomorrow…

Actually, maybe it won’t. I don’t really remember what the sun looks like these days because every time I look outside, OH THERE’S SNOW. What? The snow melted completely? WELL HERE’S SOME MORE. Seriously, it seems like it has never been warm outside and it never will be again.

Also, a lady sang this song last night at the American Idol-ish contest I was a judge for. Wasn’t great. I may not do this professionally, but I do know this – song choice is everything. And it’s really safe to pick a song like that that you basically just kind of shout, which the woman did, all the while sticking her arms up in the air and staring only at the ceiling.

So besides hating the weather and wondering when I’ll ever be able to feel my toes or fingers again, I’ve been busy. I’m currently in the middle of about six different projects/plans at the moment in addition to my regular 45-hour-a-week job. One of those projects, as you already know, is buying a car, which I wish I could just hurry up and get over with already so my eye would stop twitching – or maybe that’s from the Starbucks Cafe Mochas that I’ve been using to keep me awake because I’ve been SO FREAKING TIRED LATELY. I blame the weather. DID I MENTION I HATE THE WEATHER?

Anyways. There’s a lot going on these days and I feel like I need a clone sometimes, or at the very least, a personal assistant. The assistant isn’t for keeping me organized – I’m good at that, just look at my planner – but for driving me places so I can nap for a few minutes on the way. Or for doing my laundry, because that’s one more thing I need to do because I get my stuff out of the dryer and don’t get to putting it away for a couple days because there are more important things to do – and did I mention there are Olympics I need to watch?

So tonight, in the few minutes break from the craziness of this week, and last week, and next week and OH CRAP I NEED TO MOVE MY LAUNDRY TO THE DRYER, I started looking through my pictures. And luckily, I found some from my trip to Myrtle Beach last summer.

Myrtle Beach is one of my favorite places in the world, second only to Jamaica, and I was lucky enough to visit both last summer over a two-week span. I got some great pictures and as I sat here remembering that I need to go put some socks on because it’s cold in this apartment, I also remembered that it was warm once and eventually, it’ll be warm again.

I think.

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