Yeah these movies are totally similar….no.

Netflix is just about the best $10 I spend a month. i love movies and wasn’t renting very many when I had to drive to Blockbuster and deal with getting the movie returned on time and seriously MOVIES COST $5 NOW.

So I discovered Netflix, and the joy of getting a movie when I get the mail. It’s how I watched the first three seasons of Dexter and am catching up on all the movies I really should have seen at some point but never did – FYI, not all that impressed by The Big Lebowski. How dare I, right?

Right now I’ve got about 120 movies/discs from seasons of TV shows in my queue. Among them, old stuff like Pulp Fiction – never seen it, I’M SORRY – and newer stuff like Inglorious Basterds. Then there’s all those TV shows people told me I need to watch – Entourage, Six Feet Under, Eastbound and Down, Arrested Development.

The other day, I was checking out my queue to see what’s next after I eventually watch the DVD that’s been sitting on my TV – The Changeling, if you’re curious – and stumbled upon the suggestions/recommendations SOMEONE at Netflix puts together when you take the time to say “hey, I liked this movie,” or “the only way I’d watch this again is if you strapped me to a chair and taped my eyes open.” Below, you’ll see some of my recommendations, based on the movies I liked in the past, and all I can say is WHAT?

‘Cause if you like movies about prostitutes, you’ll love this cartoon about a rebellious young mermaid who gets her voice taken away by an octopus. And The Little Mermaid is TOTALLY similar to Sex and the City Season 2. I mean, in that season Big moves to Paris and in Little Mermaid, Prince Eric’s. chef. is. French…?


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One thought on “Yeah these movies are totally similar….no.

  1. Gosh I love you. So I had to comment on you last two shows that you said you are going to watch. Hunter and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Eastbound and Down. You will too, HILARIOUS. We actually just watched all the seasons of Arrested Development. I am in love with Michael Cera even more now after seeing the show. Plus Hunter and I are extremely obsessed with the character Buster from the show. Let me know your thoughts when you watch them both, but we at the Wilson’s household enjoy both.

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