That bird is not my doppleganger

Until Facebook started this whole “Celebrity Doppleganger” profile picture thing a week or so ago, the last time I’d heard that word used was in an old SNL sketch where Tracey Morgan was Brian Fellows, the host of Brian Fellow’s Safari Planet. In one of the sketches, Brian interviews a parrot who can repeat “I’m Brian Fellow,” which pisses Morgan’s character off and he yells things like “No you’re not!” And when the parrot tries to order a stereo system or something over the phone, he tries to bill it to Brian Fellow’s credit card, he yells – not at the bird but at the guest who’s sitting next to him “That bird is not my doppleganger.” There’s no real reason I told you that story, except in how the word relates to the Facebook thing, plus it’s one of my favorite sketches I’ve ever seen on SNL, second only to Zac Efron in the Gilly sketch or when Justin Timberlake was ‘Peg’ in a Target lady sketch.

I am not participating in the Facebook photo thing at the time being and generally try not to do anything because it’s what everyone else is doing – in life and on Facebook. I don’t participate in e-mail forwards 97 percent of the time, mostly because I don’t believe your luck can change or you can earn your spot in Heaven just by forwarding this e-mail full of clip art to 19 people in 30 seconds. Some of them are funny though, and I read them, just don’t pass them on.

So, when everybody started this whole celebrity look-alike thing on Facebook I got curious as to who I looked like, because no one has ever told me I looked like someone famous. Well, correction. An old band director said once I looked like Melissa Joan Hart, but I don’t see it. I put a picture in that face-recognition thing on a Web site and got some interesting comparisons. Do I think they’re right? Not even close, but maybe it’s because I’d rather it have said I looked like Rachel McAdams.

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