21. New calendars

If you know me, you know I enjoy planners, a lot. My friend Katie shares my enjoyment of planners and even let me know about a really cute one she saw at Walmart, which I ended up buying.

I already have my planner for next year – don’t judge. I even have stuff written in it already.

It’s the perfectionist/OCD in me, I like having my schedule written down where I can look at it and know what I have to do next. It’s for this same reason that I enjoy lists.

In the past couple years I haven’t gotten a wall calendar, I’ve just relied on my dry-erase weekly calendar and my planner. This year, though, I’m getting a calendar for my wall. It’s from one of my favorite blogs, dooce.com.

Dooce is a blog written by a woman in Utah who lost her job several years ago because she wrote things about her job on her blog and her bosses found out and fired her. Since then she’s gotten married, moved, had two kids and become pretty famous – in one of her recent posts she showed a screenshot of a Jeopardy question to which her site was the answer. She’s a great writer and so hilarious. I think we have the same sense of humor and I’m always interested in what she’s got to say. The week I was told about her blog I went back and started reading from the beginning until I got caught up. One of the best things she does is dress up her dogs, Coco and Chuck. Chuck’s been the subject of calendars the past few years and it’s so funny to see what pictures she uses on each month. This year’s calendar I think includes a picture of Chuck with her daughter’s onesie on his head and one with him sitting at her computer.

I’m ordering it soon after Christmas but don’t know if I’ll have it in time for Jan. 1. But that’s OK, I’ve still got my planner.

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