15. Countdowns

Today there’s 10 days left ’til Christmas. Count ’em – 10. I will be counting down, believe you me, because I am really ready for this holiday, for several reasons, as you can tell from this list/countdown until the 25th.

I may like countdowns about as much as I like lists. If you can’t tell already. I had a big countdown this summer before my vacations – to Jamaica and Myrtle Beach – because I was so excited. So. When there’s something coming up I’m really excited about, I like to count the days until it happens. It builds up the anticipation and, I dunno. I just like it.

So, there’s 10 more days until this Christmas. And I don’t have an advent calendar so this list feeds my need for some sort of countdown to what I’m excited about right now. Christmas!

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