12. Christmas parties

I’ve been to three Christmas parties so far, and there’s still about two weeks until Christmas. I have a party on Wednesday and then next Sunday too. Woo hoo!

I had my own party – with the roommate of course – last night. In fact, I’m still kind of recovering from it, so this post may be short. It was lots of fun though – at least I think so. I love Christmas parties. The gift exchanges, the food, the fun, the games, it’s all awesome.

At our party last night, we ate a lot of good snacks, played some games and did a gift exchange. Instead of having people buy something and bring it for a white elephant exchange, we told people to bring something from their house that they didn’t want anymore – something they’d sell at a yard sale if they could or have thought about throwing away, but haven’t done it yet. It turned out pretty well. I got a picture frame.

There are a few more parties and gift exchanges yet before the holiday and I’m excited about all of them. There’s so much you can do with Christmas parties – tacky sweater, white elephant, etc. Since our party was pretty successful we’ll have to start a tradition of having one every year.


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