7. Snow

After this past year’s weather craziness, I promised myself I would never complain about snow or rain again because, let’s face it, it was ridiculous.

In September, we had the wind storm. Everybody lost power, but it wasn’t so bad for some because the weather was nice outside and it wasn’t raining, it was just wind. In February, after a light snow, we got the ice storm. Instead of some nice fluffy snow to play in, we got a foot of ice everywhere we looked and for me, that also meant a week of company – the parents, the sister and the giant golden retriever – in my one bedroom apartment. So yeah, if we got a couple inches of light snow this winter, I promised myself I’d be fine with it.

And sure enough, this morning I woke up and saw that there’d been a light dusting overnight. Barely enough snow to really count, but still, the ground outside my bedroom window was mostly white. And I was fine with it. It didn’t keep me stuck at home (although I can’t say I’d mind that for a day or two, just to relax and do absolutely nothing but read and nap and drink hot chocolate) and it didn’t make me scared the whole drive to work. It was just enough.

I like snow. But I have stipulations. It can’t happen on a day I need to be at work or somewhere else important. It can’t be so much that I can’t drive anywhere. It can’t be covered in a thick layer of ice like the ice storm last year. And if I had my way, in a perfect world, it would only happen on Christmas.

Yep. I think it feels most like Christmas Day when on Dec. 25, there is a layer of snow on the ground that you can go out and sled in or make a snowman or have a snowball fight. I like it alright other times of the year, but the best is when it happens on Christmas. Or one of the days immediately surrounding it.

I don’t want another blizzard or storm…and if that does happen, I’m gonna need some warning – last time my parents had to stay with me I got yelled at for not having coffee filters. But if it’s just a little bit and doesn’t stick around too terribly long, then that’s OK. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

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