5. Holiday ads and gift guides

‘Tis the season of gift guides galore. And I LOVE IT.

At the newspaper where I work, we did a gift guide this past week. Our book reviewer wrote one and highlighted all the best books for pretty much anyone who can read. Two of the many blogs I read have done gift guides – for him, for her, for yourself.

I don’t really have a gift guide of my own this year – maybe by next Christmas? 😉 – but boy do I love looking at them…even if everything in them is too expensive or not even something I want to buy. Maybe it’s the designer in me that thinks they look cool.

I like holiday ads, too. The Kay Jewelers ones are completely ridiculous and corny and I hate them, but most all other Christmas ads I enjoy. The M&M ones are the same they have been for pretty much my entire life, but that’s why I like them. I don’t really enjoy the sappy sweet ones, I’m all about the funny – even though I do like the Macy’s one where they recite the famous editorial.. “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus…” because I love that editorial as well (see #19 on this list..).

The funniest one I’ve seen recently is for Wal-mart where the dad tells the kid what his present is but tells him he needs to act surprised for his mom on Christmas Day. So the kid practices all these different surprised faces..so funny.

Then you have the print ads..like those from my home away from home... So pretty to look at, you almost want to keep them..which I tend to do with Target ads sometimes. Don’t judge. It’s an addiction.

Of course I mentioned Kay Jewelers and now there’s one of their commercials on. CHEESE.

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