4. Decorations

I refuse to decorate for Christmas before December 1st.

It’s because I don’t agree with celebrating one holiday before another one’s even happened yet. Get me through Thanksgiving first – which is its own awesome holiday with its own traditions and fun and meal and all that.

I decorate after Thanksgiving – whether it is Black Friday or Dec. 5. But definitely not before.

When I was younger, we’d go to a neighborhood with a bunch of big, nice houses that always went crazy with decorations. We’d go drive by the homes and look at their outdoor lights. My parents’ house has always looked awesome – my mom always decorates the inside of the house really well. There’s a part of the living room decorated with a bunch of different kinds of snowmen and there are garlands with lights coming down the stairs.

I’ve been in my own place for three Christmases now. I have an artificial tree (thanks Mom and Dad) and ornaments I’ve gotten throughout the years – as presents or purchased myself. In fact, last year, when a bunch of Christmas stuff was on sale, made the mistake of going to Target and spent $100 on decorations – including some cool ornaments. I have a stocking, a reindeer (Lil’ Rodney), some lights and new to the collection this year – a stuffed Linus from Hallmark that is from the Charlie Brown Christmas special and when you press a button on his foot he recites his monologue from the movie, “And this shall be a sign unto you…”

This year I have a roommate, with his own decorations to add to the mix and I have to say, I’m pretty proud of how our apartment looks. You can definitely tell it’s Christmas here. Here are a few of the decorations around the apartment – including the tree and one of my favorite ornaments..

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