3. Dad’s birthday

Today is my dad’s birthday. He’s 50.

I like all my family members’ birthdays, of course, but in addition to just getting to celebrate them with family, I like my dad’s birthday for a silly reason. You see, I don’t like birthday cake. Dad doesn’t either – that’s where I get it from. I haven’t had a real birthday cake since I was really young, it’s always been cookie cakes or ice cream cakes or cheesecake. So when dad’s birthday comes around, I get to have cake with everyone, because it’s not really cake. I told you it was silly.

In all seriousness though, I love my family. They’re all awesome. I am very, very lucky in that respect and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. And today, we celebrated with my dad as he turned 50.

He’s a great dad and an awesome elementary school principal. Case in point, stacks of cards the students at his school made for him today and they put up on bulletin boards throughout the school. He brought them home tonight and they said things like, “You are the best princle you win the new office for your birthday.” or “Smell the whole card please. Smelly markers used.” In addition to the tons of cards, he had a whole box of presents.

The best, though, was a card from a second-grader that meant to say “You wear great ties,” but being a second-grader, the kid had some spelling mistakes and wrote “You war grat tits.”

The second best, however, was the list a first- and second-grade class made with 50 reasons that he “is the best principal.”

Some highlights:
2. He’s old and wise.
7. He taught some of our moms music.
11. He likes cake.
13. He respects us when we’re talking.
22. He votes.
24. The school was named after one of his friends. (Not quite, more like it was named after a woman who lived about 100 years ago…)
31. He pays for our field trips.
34. He lets us get Dilly Bars.
38. He’s Irish.
43. He protects us.
44. He’s like the president.
49. He loves America.

How can you argue with any of that? When you look at all that, how can he not be the best? đŸ™‚

Happy birthday, Pop.

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