2. Wrapping paper

So, I haven’t bought any presents.. well, psyche, I did buy one.

But I am already kind of excited for getting some cute wrapping paper to wrap them in.

You might think “Nerd.” To that I say “WHATEVER.” 😉

When we were little and we opened our presents from Santa, we’d always comment on how Santa had some of the same wrapping paper we did. My parents would get different kinds and keep them hidden but there were still some things wrapped in paper we’d seen before on Christmas morning. Now, I think it’s funny that we noticed that kind of thing.

The wrapping process I’m not all that big of a fan of, but the good part about it means it’s almost time to give the presents to the person they’re bought for. And that is something you’ll find later on in this list.

I like the stuff with cute little characters on it sometimes or the red and green ones with cool designs. I don’t like the shiny ones, usually, and I never use bags if I can help it. Unwrapping it is where all the fun is. I am a fast un-wrapper, even though I don’t really try to be. I’m not one of those who does it all slow to save the paper.

Speaking of wrapping…I need to get to buying some presents soon so I have something to wrap.

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