Tiny superheroes

Sometimes my job requires me to go to government meetings, cover car accidents and fires, type up jargony grand jury indictments, etc.

Other times, though, like the past couple weeks, it requires me to go to a local Halloween event and take pictures of adorable kids in costume. We put those pictures in the paper for their parents to hopefully purchase and it’s easily one of my favorite parts of the year – besides in December when I’ll get to go ask kindergartners questions about Santa and Christmas.

I have bunches of cute ones I want to share with you guys – but it’s taking a while to load them all. For now, I will leave you with one of the funniest ones we saw covering this stuff. A group of neighbors/friends from a subdivision dressed their kids as different superheroes so they had their very own tiny Justice League. Below you will see a couple different attempts at a group picture. However, Captain America and Robin weren’t really cooperative. Green Lantern, the tiniest one – well, except for a baby Superman that wasn’t in any of the group pictures – is my favorite.

Justice LeagueSome superheroes dont cooperateAngry Captain America

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