Kids are hilarious

One day every other year my dad – an elementary school principal – has a day-long event at his school called Pioneer Day. Kids get to learn all about history, there are demonstrations, music, re-enactors and this year, an Abe Lincoln look-alike contest. My sister and I went this year and I took pictures while she wrote down some of the things we overheard.

Just a few examples:

• “I can’t believe this school trusts kids enough to let them put a knife on their face.”
– A kid at the “shaving station” where dull knives and shaving cream let them pretend they were shaving their beards the old-fashioned way

• “Look, I’ve got a tie, now I look more like Abe Lincoln.”
“No, that’s a businessman tie. Abe Lincoln would NOT wear a tie like that.”
– Two kids in the library, one of whom was dressed as Abe for the look-alike contest.

• “If Abe Lincoln is dead, then why do we still have his truck?”
– Overheard by my dad from a kid who saw the semi out back with a history exhibit in it, with a giant picture of Abe’s face on the sides.

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