Quite the conundrum

I watch a fair amount of TV, it’s safe to say. I have about four shows I watch on Monday, three on Wednesday, one on Saturday, two on Sunday and, well, a bunch on Thursday. Herein lies the issue – and why I got TiVo.

Thursday nights are now my night out, sometimes the only one I have all week. We go to karaoke Thursday nights and I’m out of the house from about 7 to 11 p.m. About 90 percent of the shows I watch come on Thursday night – which wouldn’t normally be a problem, on account of TeeV – but they are all on at the same time! What’s a girl to do?

Find re-runs. πŸ™‚

How are you all (meaning about 3 of the 4 people that read this fairly often, haha) dealing with it? ‘Cause I know you watch several, if not all of the same stuff I do. TiVo? DVR? Hulu? Catching up later?

Seriously though – here’s the Thursday night line-up, and I’m unfortunately a fan of all of them, except for that last one. I’m just trying that one out.

The Office
Parks & Rec
Grey’s Anatomy
Project Runway
Ace of Cakes
Flash Forward

I know, my TV addiction is somewhat sad, but it’s a good way to relax after a long day at work and not have to do much, if any, thinking. That is, until LOST comes back in January. Watching that’s like a second job, complete with take-home work to bring back next time.

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