This will haunt your dreams at night

I hate clowns. I don’t see the point. They’re creepy and anyone who wants to dress up that way for fun and to entertain kids – that’s effed up.

The Stephen King book, “IT” is the reason behind my fear..I read it at a young age, that was dumb, and then made the mistake of seeing the movie. I was scared of shower drains, sewer drains and Tim Curry as well for a while afterwards.

I didn’t know how bad it was until last year – we went to Thunder on my 24th birthday and while we were walking to the bathroom, we saw some freak with a clown mask on. And not a regular one, of course, one of those extra creepy ones. My sister and best friend thought it’d be hilarious if we stopped him to get a picture with me. It scared the hell out of me. I hid behind Anthony with my head buried in his back while my sister told the clown to put his arm around me for a picture. When he finally walked away and detached myself from Anthony’s back I was crying. I didn’t even know it was that bad. But apparently it is.

So. To today’s story. My mom texted me this morning to let me know that when her boss was playing in a golf tournament this week, a guy dressed up as a clown was following her in a golf cart. Apparently it was because he was the mascot for the tournament.

Doesn’t matter though. WTF. CLOWNS ARE CREEPY.

And you will never convince me otherwise.

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