Mind full


Words in all caps make me feel like they should be shouted.

I’ve gotten e-mails in all caps before. It makes me feel like I’m being yelled at.

I have insomnia.

I wish I could turn the air off but I’m paranoid that the stupid Ticketmaster tickets with their new printing that makes the letters melt off if it gets above a certain temperature will get too hot and be messed up then we’re out 60 bucks a piece.

I wish I could sleep at normal hours of the day.

Last night was awesome – I need more nights like that in my life.

Everyone asked me if I still worked at the restaurant tonight. Should I be nervous? I mean I want to work there..

We’ve been spoiled by the smoking ban here. Tomorrow night I’m gonna be at a bar full of smoke. My contacts may fall out of my eyes.

My bed is comfortable, but could be even more comfortable, dammit I need new pillows.

My black flip flops have lasted about 5-6 years. I will not get rid of them until I can no longer walk in them. It’s coming though.

I have no idea what kind of car I want to get next year. Won’t be a focus though.

Why haven’t I been to Improv in forever?

There are a lot of random things that come to mind after 1 a.m. when you SHOULD BE SLEEPING.

Found out last night that they play some good music from about 4 years ago at 3 a.m. on 98.9.

TV in the bedroom hasn’t been plugged in since before vacation.

When you face a wall at the beginning of the song, karaoke’s not so scary.

I haven’t been to BG in a year and I cannot wait to go tomorrow today.

Can you acquire ADD, lactose intolerance or asthma?

When I have a house someday I want a pool and a projector and a huge screen and every Friday night I’m gonna have movie night in the pool for my friends and family.

Good night.

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