My life’s to-do list

I got the idea from my best friend – she made this list of 30 things to do before she turns 30. I thought that was awesome, and wanted to make up my own because there’s a lot of things I want to do. I like lists, and making one may help me accomplish them easier. Haha.

So here it is, my own list – 30 things to do in life, maybe not before 30, but it’s a start. Ash, some of your list items were really good, so for the ones I stole, sorry. We can go do them together!!

• Ride in a hot air balloon – not tethered, done that. I’m afraid of heights but I think it would be really awesome.
• Learn how to play guitar – I’ve always wanted to, just never sat down and tried. I don’t want to be awesome at it, I just want to play at least one song.
• See the Red Sox play in Fenway Park – and see the Green Monster.
• Get tickets to a concert close enough to the stage I could catch something if they threw it – John Mayer throws picks, as does Keith Urban sometimes. One concert I went to, DMB I think, threw drumsticks.
  • Read the Bible all the way through – I’ve started this one, I’m still in Genesis though.
• Volunteer with an organization – on my own or with a group, and help out more than once.
• Go to Europe – specifically Ireland, Greece, Italy…
• Visit a state I’ve never been to – California, Louisiana, Maine..
• Send an application to Rolling Stone or Entertainment Weekly about a job.
• Buy a house.
• Buy a car on my own.
• Swim with dolphins.
• Go to the Derby – I know I could have gone this year…it’s hard to say no to the massive and awesome Hagan Derby Party though.
• Learn how to throw a football – the right way. I am not good at it at the moment.
• Take a cooking class.
• Learn how to play golf – tried before but I am only good at Putt-Putt.
• RUN a 5K – or at the very least, half of one. Working on this right now too. I’ve walked one with a little jogging thrown in, but I want to do better. Three more 5K’s to go in this year’s OC Grand Slam, maybe by the last one I’ll do awesome. 🙂
• Make a donation ($50 at least, more if possible) to a deserving organization – something like the Alzheimer’s Association, American Heart Association, St. Jude’s, Kosair, etc.
• Go to a taping of either Ellen or Conan O’Brien.
• Get a tattoo – possibly…don’t know where it’d be yet though.
• Go tubing – may be the silliest thing on this list but I’ve honestly never done it!
• Go to a spa and get a full body massage – may be silly but again, NEVER done it. I got a five-minute massage once and felt like my body was Jell-O afterwards, it was AMAZING.
• Play paintball – heard it hurts, but I want to try it.
• See a Dane Cook show.
• See a Broadway show.
• See a taping of Saturday Night Live.
• Be an extra in a movie.
• Start a book club – my sisters and I were planning to do one this summer but we haven’t had time.
• Visit Australia.

Some of these are subject to change. I may add or delete some – there may be 35, there may be 25. I like your idea, Ash, of sending in a secret to PostSecret. I may do that, too. We’ll see.

Anyone who wants to help me cross any off, let me know. If you have any ideas of things to add, lemme know that too. I’ve thought of things off and on for it but never added them.

It’d also be cool if I could do them all before I’m 30, but that gives me just 5 more years…

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3 thoughts on “My life’s to-do list

  1. Okay all I can say is I LOVE your list and have actually been thinking of compiling my own list since you and Ashley have BOTH done one! I may just have to get on that and one thing is for sure I have some things that DEFINITELY cross your list we could SO do them together!! We will see STAY TUNED I may attempt to get my list up on the blog SOON!

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