Promises, promises.

I am making some changes in my life. Seriously. It’s time.
No one thing has really happened to make me change my mind, just decided some things needed to be done.

First – I’m eating better. I honestly feel like I’m addicted to food sometimes. It can be like a drug for me. For about a month now, however, I’ve been changing that. I’m eating healthier, paying more attention to what I am eating and just being careful.

Second – Exercise more. I was getting mad that I couldn’t get motivated to work out, but it was my own fault. I have plenty of time to do it, if I make it happen. I’ve walked in a 5K! Me – who would’ve thought..and I’m signed up for three more! I didn’t do too great in the first one, as far as times. I walked with Jackie, who tried to push me to run. I couldn’t run too far, and realized I needed to get some practice in before the next one.
So now, I’m trying to work out every other day (or at least 2 to 3 days a week, as much as I can). I’m slowly building up my running – jogging, really. I’m walking for about 10 minutes, and running for 1 to 2 minutes. Then repeating that. I’ve gotten up to about 7 minutes so far – not in a row, but baby steps, kids. I’ll never be a runner – I am a slow runner. I really can’t run that fast. So I will work up to jogging as much as I can. I’ll keep you updated after my next 5K – on July 17!

Third – Stop worrying so much. I am so tired of being stressed out about stuff that’s either a) out of my control; b) not that big of a deal; or c) not even my problem. I am also taking it slow with that. It’s hard not to worry about some things. But when it’s as stupid as traffic, it’s really not worth it. Not that I still don’t get pissed at stupid drivers (and there are about a million of them out there) but I am finding myself just shaking my head and laughing now when I see someone driving like they’ve never been in a car before, rather than cussing at them from the safety of my car. πŸ™‚

I’m working on my OCD, too. I heard a good tip from a lady at my church that’s gonna sound funny, but bear with me. What I have OCD about is locking my doors and setting my alarm at night. It comes from living alone, because when I’ve had roommates, I am not as bad about it. And it has gotten better, before I would go to bed and get back up just to make sure I’d locked the door, even though I know I did. I’ve gotten down my apartment steps to my car and came back to make sure the door was locked. It’s pathetic, I know, but I really can’t help it.
Lately, though, I’ve tried to keep myself from going back to check. I tell myself I wouldn’t go to bed without locking the door or leave the house without locking the door. The lady at church said if I feel like I might go back and check, I should make a little mark on my hand when I lock it so that if I feel like I need to turn around and go look, I have a visual reminder. She said I question it because I have a million other things on my mind (true) when I’m getting ready for bed or leaving the apartment and even though I know I’ve locked the door, since I don’t think about it as I do it, it makes me second-guess it.

And my last change is to try and keep up with this blog more. I know it may not seem that important, but it really is. I am the kind of person who really expresses myself best in writing. It helps me deal with things and get out my feelings. Plus, it’s pretty fun. So. Starting today, I’m going to keep up with this thing a lot better.

In other news: Obsessed is the craziest show I’ve ever seen. And I watch COPS and Cheaters and that kind of crap. Obsessed makes me glad that my OCD is as mild as it is. I couldn’t stand to be as sick as some of these people. The episodes get crazier and crazier though. Watch it sometime, it’s on A&E, after Intervention on Mondays. NUTS.

OK, that’s all for tonight. Keep reading, all three of you. πŸ™‚

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One thought on “Promises, promises.

  1. Yay for doing a 5K!! That’s on my 30 before 30 list that I have and I have done NOTHING about it so far. I am like you were…I just can’t get motivated. I know that when I do work out, I feel so much better. I have more energy and I feel like I have done something worthwhile. Unfortunately, I would rather watch TV or read a book…you’re inspirational, Ms. Hagan. Honestly…and I’ve never told you that before. I love you.

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