Just a thought – or two – or three.

There’s a few things on my mind this week – actually have been for a while now. Just a few things that have been getting on my nerves lately:

• This whole obsession with Susan Boyle.
Yes. The woman can sing…amazingly. She has a beautiful voice, and that is why she should be famous. But it’s really not. She’s famous because she’s not attractive. And for some reason, the whole world thinks that it’s some wonderful story. Because apparently (if you listen to the stories) it’s a miracle that an unattractive person can have any kind of talent.
People are talking about how she should get a makeover, it was a top story one day on people.com on the fact that she’s never been kissed or something like that? Get a life, people. She is a talented woman who went on a talent show and did well – much to the surprise of the judges, who you can tell by the look on their faces at the beginning of her audition they thought because of how she looked she’d be horrible.
I hate that people think this way. I hate that idiots like Rosie O’Donnell give compliments to her like (I read that Rosie said this) “She looks like Shrek but is so inspiring because of that beautiful voice.” That’s not the exact quote, but in the same breath that she complimented this woman, she said “She looks like Shrek.”
So. I hope Susan Boyle goes on to make lots and lots of money for the talent that she has, not because of how she does – or doesn’t – look.

• While we’re on the topic – People magazine.
People is one of my favorite magazines. It’s got some good stuff in it. But I don’t understand them some of the time. Why are some things news? They have some of the most trivial crap in there – yes I like to read celebrity news but there’s some stuff I really don’t care about. I don’t wanna read 12 different stories from 12 different angles about the Obamas dog. Then, they write an entire cover story with no named sources. How is that possible? A few weeks ago there was a cover story about John Travolta’s family and his son and it was a three or four page story and not once did they talk to him or his wife. All the quotes were attributed to “a source close to the family” and “a family friend.” Really? Not too good of a friend if they’re willing to tell a major magazine private information. If the Travoltas wanted to talk to People, they would, then they could have a cover story.

• And last, but not least, people are ridiculous.
So at the restaurant where I work, in the kitchen, there are a bunch of guys that don’t speak English. So, when the other kitchen guys try to talk to them sometimes, instead of talking to them in Spanish, they say English words in a Spanish accent. It was the same when I worked at the other restaurant last year.
Why do they think that makes sense? The other day I heard someone say to the dish guy who doesn’t speak English “Say comeen’ troo.” Tell me how that would make him understand it. That’s like if I went to France and didn’t learn the language but spoke in a French accent. They still wouldn’t know what I was saying!!!
Every time I hear it I just shake my head…

Now, for the funniest quote of the week:
* “We are not a slutty family.” – My cousin Anna

Also, if you have not seen SNL from this week with Justin Timberlake as the host, you’ve missed out. He’s hilarious and one of the best hosts they’ve had in a while. Make sure you see the Target lady sketch and the newest Digital Short – “Motherlover.” So good…

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