He’s my soulmate…or at least I want him to be.

Dear Jason Segel,
I think you’re awesome.
While I don’t know too much about you personally – except for what I’ve read in my Rolling Stone and a recent issue of Vanity Fair – I know enough. I know that you make me laugh – I Love You, Man was hilarious, and you are a big part of why I now can’t miss an episode of How I Met Your Mother (I love NPH too, though).
I know that I remember thinking you were great when you were the angry guy in Dead Man on Campus and when you were in the highly underrated movie, Slackers, with Devon Sawa, before everyone realized how awesome you were after Knocked Up and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
You’re cute – I think of you in real life being like the character you play in I Love You, Man – I hope you wear swim trunks and Uggs out to walk around in real life. I know you drive a Vespa in real life, which is also pretty cool. And I hope you’re a little like Marshall on HIMYM because I am totally (totes magotes) jealous of Alyson Hannigan for getting to be your tv wife.
But maybe my favorite thing about you is that you are writing the new Muppets movie. It’s nice to know someone appreciates the Muppets as much as – actually, maybe even more than I do.
That is really all. Just wanted you to know I love you. 🙂


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